Monday, May 21, 2012

Buddha - charcoal drawing

Charcoal on gray  Canson paper  9" x 12"

I am planning to make a large painting based on the sculptures adorning the temples of India. For that I was browsing through my books on ancient Indian art and architecture. It is amazing how profound and beautiful works of sculpture were fashioned out of stone more than two thousand years ago. The craftsmanship is unbelievable! I keep looking at my books and hope some day I will be able to paint a series of Indian sculptures as a tribute  to those great craftsmen. 

Well, I still haven't decided which painting I am going to make, but last night I just though of making a charcoal drawing based on some of the Buddha sculptures of the Gupta period (around 400 AD). Buddhist art actually originated in India and then spread throughout Asia and the world. 

Thanks for visiting my bog. Hope you enjoy the drawing!

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